Fluffy pink at KhunChangKhian, Chiang Mai

I heard about Khun-Chang-Khian from many friends who came from another province, how beautiful it is. It is far from Nasaraan just about 2 hrs but i always evade it and go to somewhere far away from home therefore yesterday I went there. My friends and I left Kruba Srivichai Monument around 7:20 and stop from … Continue reading Fluffy pink at KhunChangKhian, Chiang Mai

1st Rookie Farmers.

On Sunday, 6th August 2017, our friends and Nasaraan team went to Meruk Farm, our lovely partner, to plant our own rice. The weather was nice enough for our new farmers to work on fields. Before we went to the field, we fueled ourself with fresh cherries picked from tree, then we plant our little … Continue reading 1st Rookie Farmers.