Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai.

The first thing that everyone thinks about summer in Thailand could be Songkran festival. Every summer in middle of April, tourists and Thai people are also waiting for 13th April because Thai people nationwide are splashing water to each other. This festival continues for 3 day until 15 April. Around tourist attraction, they will start … Continue reading Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai.

Fluffy pink at KhunChangKhian, Chiang Mai

I heard about Khun-Chang-Khian from many friends who came from another province, how beautiful it is. It is far from Nasaraan just about 2 hrs but i always evade it and go to somewhere far away from home therefore yesterday I went there. My friends and I left Kruba Srivichai Monument around 7:20 and stop from … Continue reading Fluffy pink at KhunChangKhian, Chiang Mai