Khao Soi

One of the most famous menu in Chiang Mai is Khao Soi. In Chiang Mai, there are a lot of restaurant that has Khao Soi on their menu, but some family choose to cook it themself in their own taste. What is Khao Soi? Khao Soi is a type of egg noodle, served in curry … Continue reading Khao Soi

Let’s go with Chiangmai Bus.

One day trip by Chiang Mai Bus #B1Line We're walking few minutes from Nasaraan to Train station bus stop, but you can start from somewhere else. 15 Baht fare for both B1 and B2 line, start from Chaing Mai Arcade Bus Station at 6:30 and last bus will leave from the Arcade at 18:00. Bus … Continue reading Let’s go with Chiangmai Bus.