Local Events

Local events are great way to explore the taste of Chiang Mai.Check out these local events that are going to happen soon in Chiang Mai[01 & 16 on each month] Drawing results of “The government lottery” (If you feel lucky, try your luck on lottery.)
🌙[Every Saturday  17:00-22:00] Wua-Lai Saturday Nightmarket at Wualai road.
☀️[Every Saturday&Sunday 7:00-13:00] Jing-Jai Market at JJMarket Chiang Mai.
☀️[Every Saturday&Sunday 9:00-14:00] Chamcha Market at Bus Pizza
☀️[Every Sunday  06:00-10:00 ] Flea market at Wat Muang Kai.
🌙[Every Sunday  17:00-22:00 ] Chiang Mai Sunday Nightmarket at Tha Phae Gate.

📅 December 2018 📅

  • [18-20 DECEMBER] Weaving Our Homeland at Sriprakard ✋🎨
    (Nasaraan and A perfect daughter also join this event. ☺️☕)



  • [08-16 DECEMBER] Chiang Mai Design Week 2018 ✋🎨
  • [08-16 DECEMBER] 85th Anniversary of MaeJo at MaeJo university 🌱🛍️
  • [18-20 DECEMBER] Weaving Our Homeland at Sriprakard Chiangmai ✋🎨
  • [21-28 DECEMBER] Ping Fai Festival at Nimman 🍛🛍️
  • [DECEMBER] Food Fair at CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport. 😋🍛
  • [DECEMBER] Botanic Festival 2018 at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. 🏞️🌵


Update: 13 DECEMBER 2018