Global warming, the world’s harm

Global warming is a quiet threat. Human’s happiness is the world’s harm.


We all enjoy many festivals. We all celebrate many New Year, but how many of us that realizes how much the world has changed through these times. The more advanced of technology, the more convenient life we have. Somehow it leads us to a lack of realization that the world is in a very critical condition right now because we have been neglecting our environment for so long. The most serious condition is “Global Warming”.


The world has been warning us with many signs such as hotter weather, shorter winter, season change, Arctic ice melt. Only one-degree change can cause a disaster or abnormal natural phenomenon. It’s time for all of us to be aware of what is happening and pays more attention to the world around us.


Global warming


The sun releases the heat wave to the universe as well as the Earth which helps to keep it warm. The Earth has the atmosphere system that helps with the temperature control by keeping some heat and release some out to avoid too hot temperature. However, the world has a Green Gas Effect which keeps more heat inside the world’s atmosphere and the more gas, the hotter it will be. One of the reasons behind this effect is a side effect of human lifestyles like industrial air pollution, car air pollution and etc.


Moreover, a lot of people choose to ignore these problems and do not pay attention to finding a solution. They only care about their convenience in daily life and some convenience also has a price to pay which is our environment. Fortunately, there are many architect and technology designed to help us to live an easy life without destroying the world. There are inventions and ideas that are created to be eco-friendly and help reduce global warming problem including


  • When designing your house, it is important to take a direction of the sun and air flow into account. The idea is similar to that of a traditional Thai house with a high floor, and high ceiling. A well-ventilated house will reduce the need of having an air conditioner. Nasaraan Boutique Hotel was well designed so that there are multiple air ventilation holes around the hotel, namely, by the staircase, and on a balcony. The hotel building is well-ventilated and the atmosphere is always nice.


  • Installing thermal insulation roof where sunlight hits first will cool the house down. The material choice can also help with the heat before it gets in the house. A brighter roof can reflect heat better. Moreover, if we install thermal insulation plates above the ceiling, it will even make the house cooler.


  • Installing green grass window that blocks heat but still lets the light through, you will get both a cool and bright house.


  • Paint the house with bright colors to make the house brighter so you will not feel the need to turn on too many lights.


  • Get water saving sanitary ware products in order to save some water and also to feel good about it.


  • Build a bathroom on the edge of the house to get sunlight and also put a window to get air circulation.


  • Making use of natural energy, sunlight, can be beneficial. The solar cell system offers a forever, free, and eco-friendly energy.


  • Water heater from an air conditioner system is powered by an excess energy from the compressor of the AC to heat up water without any electric power.


  • Solar air conditioner system directly powered by a solar cell will not waste any energy on the inverter.




Many nations have been practicing any solutions which prevent global warming. However, we can also reduce global warming by using eco-friendly technology products, using efficient energy, using a less natural resource, using eco-friendly materials, and producing less waste in our home. Living in an eco-friendly lifestyle is also a way that helps to prevent global warming. To stop global warming, we can start by changing our lifestyle when being at home since it is directly relevant to us. Here are some examples:


  • Sunlight gives you more than just Vitamin D

Opening windows in the morning are better than you think. Besides experiencing fresh air after waking up, the sunlight will brighten your house, so we do not have to turn on the lights. It can also clean the air and reduce bacteria in the house.


sunshine in the morning


  • Energy-efficient light bulbs

We often buy cheap products, but it would help the world a lot if we just give away our extra money for buying good light bulbs. Changing incandescent light bulb to LED can save more energy and it lasts much longer. However, only using the LED lighting may not be enough. When there is no one in the room or the sunlight can still provide enough light in the room, we should turn off the light – even just a few minutes, it can save a lot of energy.


  • Showering over bathing

Some might fancy spending quite a time in a bathtub with bubble because it is more relaxing. This is, in fact, wasting a lot of natural resources. We should actually just take a shower in an appropriate period of time. In other words, we should take a shower faster than usual in order to save water resource. Moreover, it is encouraged to boil less water as boiling water uses too much energy. Also, if any sanitary ware in the bathroom is broken, it should be fixed it as soon as possible.


Shower head


Some groups of foreigners were seriously aware of global warming, so they started to eat less meat or be a vegetarian. This is because the livestock industry is one of the main reasons causing global warming apart from fossil fuel burning, deforestation, and other actions caused by human activities. Because of a huge amount of methane released from the digesting process, it produces more greenhouse effect than pollution caused by car, truck, train, boat, and airplane combined together. Therefore, if we reduce consuming meat, global warming will be reduced, too.




  • Finish all your dish and drink

Even the leftover can be fertilized, it will rotten before becoming a fertilizer. The process also welcomes rats and cockroaches. Moreover, it produces a greenhouse effect during the process. So, it is recommended fill your glass with sufficient amount of water. Producing water for you to drink is not that simple. There are many processes that water has been through, including raw water development, precipitation, and filtration. The industry is therefore required to perform good quality of procedures and quantity which meets demand. Consequently, it negatively affects the environment.


Finish all your dish


  • Stocking too much food can also produce greenhouse gases

Kitchen supplies, instant food, and other products have an expiration date. If we stock too many of them, they will then turn into garbage which causes global warming. Additionally, if you cook fresh meals but store them in the fridge for too long, they get spoiled and release methane gas. These are an example of wasting items that we bought and never use them.


  • Use reusable cups and containers instead of plastic cups or foam food containers

In parties, we sometimes prefer disposable food containers as they make it easier to clean up. Actually, in one party, a larger number of plastic plates are used. We could help reducing waste by using reusable containers. Taking some time to do the wash-up, you can help to reduce a lot of waste. When stopping for coffee, you can bring your own cup. Instead of taking good to go, you can eat in or cook your own meal. Regarding the reusable containers, it can be fun to select and choose cups, plates, bowls, and silverware. We could enjoy shopping and choosing the patterns. Moreover, you will be proud of choosing reusable containers as well as feeling good to help reduce global warming. Additionally, there are even reusable stainless straws nowadays. They come with a brush so that the straws can be washed as well.




glass bottle with cakes


Stainless Steel Drinking Straw


use less straws


  • Choosing glass bottle over plastic ones

Some people may reuse the plastic bottle sometimes. However, if you choose glass bottles or your own water containers, you can avoid wasting plastic bottles. Since one plastic bottle takes a thousand years to decompose, the glass bottle will make quite a good impact.


 glass bottle


  • Refilling reduces waste

When running out of soap or detergents, we usually but new bottles of such product. In contrast, if we hold on to the bottle a while longer instead of buying new ones, or use small package products, you can reduce the waste. Nowadays, there are refill stations where you can bring your own bottles to refill the products in order to reduce plastic waste. At Nasaraan Boutique Hotel, we do not provide disposable soap or shampoo packages, we provide refill bottles in our hotel rooms.


Refilling reduces waste


  • Cleaning with cloth instead of paper towels

By cleaning with a cloth, you can wash and reuse it afterward. This will also reduce the need to cut down trees to make paper towels.


  • Gardening on free time

Though trees do not ease global warming that much, nature can make our daily life better. A small garden or a plot of the plant creates a nice, peaceful atmosphere. Trees block out sunlight which helps conserve energy and make your place eco-friendlier.




 Decorative flowers


  • Water the plants with free water

If you want to water the plants but afraid to waste the water, you could make use of the natural resource called rain. You can collect rainwater during the rainy season by using a bucket, or a large jar. The collected rainwater can later be used to water the plants for free and you will not need to waste any water at all.   


  • Cleaning the electronics

We might not even think of cleaning the electronics. However, if they are dirty and covered in dust, they tend to work harder and use up more power.


  • Bicycle

Basic but Practical — when you want to find some food near your location, just take your bike on a short trip. Not only can you save fuel, but also get healthy as well.




  • Cloth bag

Feel comfortable shopping by using a good-looking, easy-to-carry, reusable cloth bag to reduce the waste of plastic bags and also preserve the environment.

Cloth bag


  • Go shopping around the neighborhood, reduce engines pollution

Going out to shop in the neighboring area or using local products can help reduce pollution from long distance transportation. Before going shopping, be always make a shopping list. By doing so, it will be less likely that you’ll end up missing anything and wasting time to go back to the shop again. Apart from saving fuel consumption, it also reduces pollution.


Although the campaigns or national approaches seem distant and inaccessible, if we notice, we will find that saving energy in our daily life helps reduce global warming. Despite not directly helping, we are a part of it anyway. The trees alone cannot always help us and global warming is not of what we are just aware lately. It may seem difficult to solve these problems, but no that hard to do. We can do it by ourselves every day without waiting for the campaigns.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel is concerned about global warming. We contribute to saving the world by using environment-friendly containers, opting for energy efficient appliances, treating wastewater with grease traps, and not disposing of waste that is harmful to the environment. Our airy indoor environment ensures you that we are a part of a world conservation support and take this as a hotel management approach.


Global warming



Did you know?


  • Over 400 marine areas have been found uninhabitable in America, Japan, China, and south-east Australia.


  • The number of hurricanes is constantly increasing and getting more intense.


  • Snow now falls in the “Sahara Desert” whose temperature is at 37 degrees Celsius during the day. This is an indication of the critical change in weather conditions.


  • As the Earth warms up, its impact on the incubation of pathogens and more pests. Also, the sources of water are getting worse in quality, causing epidemics and negatively affecting human health.


  • In Algeria, the temperature reached 51.3 degrees Celsius, becoming the hottest country in Africa.


  • The weather is getting hot. The rain does not fall and it is drought. The crops are not growing. The farmers cannot do farming. All lead to food shortages.


  •  Broken concrete floor and lifted due to the heat, cause travel troubles.


  • Forest fires in the North Pole, the land of ice and snow-covered.


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