Boutique Hotel, the fascination of the unique vacation

Nowadays, traveling is very easier than it used to be. Just only a click, there are many reviews of traveling experiences from blogger or traveler waiting for you on the internet. Some general information, pictures, and videos of each place can make you feel like you already went there, but there is nothing to compare to your own trip to the place yourself.


On the trip, the destination might be like the main course of the whole plan but a little side dish of a nice hotel with a charming surrounding can add up wonderful memory to your trip experience.


The tourist business in Thailand is booming and it leads to high competition in the hotel business. This is the reason that encourages each hotel to create their outstanding identity including attractive architecture, service or even marketing to answer to rising customers and demand.


Hotel is like a resting place for tourist in general. Some hotels have more than ten floors, luxury decoration and a huge room that’s big enough to build a house. However, this kind of hotels might answer to some tourists’ demand for some people. Some people might want other styles of the hotel that fits with their lifestyle, just like a Boutique hotel.


The boutique hotel becomes popular among tourist, even it is smaller in size and number, and it has its own identity and uniqueness in term of architecture, design, decoration, and surrounding. We might even forget that we are in the hotel.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


The other outstanding character of Boutique hotel is how it provides guests with a special service that is different from the hotel in general.



Morgans Hotels
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The origin of Boutique hotel is back at the early 80s in the big cities like Paris, London, New York and San Francisco. The first Boutique hotel is called Morgans Hotels located in New York. This hotel got rewarded with a Medal of Honor for the design of Andrée Putnam, French Architect. It l made Boutique hotel become a new trend with an idea that hotel is like a shopping mall that has various styles. The word ‘Boutique’ means a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods. The root of the word has various sources but the word is used by Americans as a trendy small hotel with outstanding character. After it became popular, the Boutique style was adopted to use around the world.


The boutique hotel has very unique characters that can be easily distinguished from another hotel including


Outstanding identity

The theme and decoration of Boutique hotel are normally customized specifically for each place to show the identity and background story. This kind of places can also attract people with the same interests together and it makes the place even more special.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


Local Sense
The boutique hotel is always influenced by the community it’s located. This is the reason why the stay at this type of hotel will mainly provide you the local feeling, especially when you’re interested in the cultural and traditional experiences.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


As it’s different from other hotels, the main focus of Boutique hotel service is making you feel comfy like they are your friend. Sometimes you can be welcomed to the place by the owner. This will give you a different experience from the other places you have been before.


Some Boutique hotels might not be located in the most convenient area, but if you are opened up to try, it will be worth for extraordinary experience that you cannot find anywhere else.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


As we mentioned before that Boutique hotel is quite different from hotels in general. To avoid the confusion that might happen when you have a plan to visit the Boutique hotel for the first time, we will explain more about the differences in the Boutique hotel.


The boutique hotel has a smaller scale about 8 to 100 rooms which is a lot smaller than a normal hotel. However, the special design will make the best use out of the space that can still provide good accommodations to guests. The hotel is not mainly focused on the big group or business group, so there will be no conference room or event room provided. This brings up another good thing which is the quiet and peaceful surrounding and more private.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


Normally Boutique hotel is not made from the newly built building and mostly reconstructed from the vintage building in the village but some newly built Boutique hotel will still remain in the village area and keep up a nice relationship with villagers. This is a unique character that makes it different from other hotel separated clearly from the surrounding area.


Location near local


The small-scale hotel is beneficial when it comes to service. The hotel staff can pay more attention to each guest with personal detail. However, they might not be bellboy or 24/7 front desk for you.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


The more popular the boutique hotel becomes, the more choices provided. The number of Boutique hotel is increasing according to the higher demand but the style becomes more various. It can be categorized into 3 types which are

  • HIP Hotel as Highly Individual Place or the hotel that is much strict in its theme and focuses on a particular group of customers such as vintage music theme hotel that everything has to relate to the theme from soundtrack, decoration, books or owner’s music collection. In some places, the owner might allow customers to borrow this stuff during their stay.
  • Designer Hotel is the higher graded hotel where everything is perfectly designed for the place including surrounding, decoration and sharing space while the hotel still keeps the 5-star-hotel service. This kind of hotel might be more expensive.
  • Lifestyle Hotel mainly focuses on the lifestyle of particular customers. For example, some hotels can provide specific kind of food, some hotels focus on environment protection so the place is built with eco-friendly material and some hotels provide cultural and traditional activities for customers.


Outstanding character
According to the high competition in the hotel business, the outstanding character of hotel identity is a really important factor that makes the place different from others. Some hotels use the historical background as a selling point such as old bunker area or old plane building. The hotel with history or unique design will be outstanding and attract more people.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


The design of the hotel is one of the important factors to make an outstanding choice for customers, both architecture and interior decoration. The boutique hotel normally has a very delicate detail of their design and in some places, the detail might be different in each room to impress the customers and at the same time make them want to come back for the different room. The design is surely one of the most essential factors to provide the coziness and impressive memory and experience to the visitors.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


Although it’s built in the village area with a smaller scale, the hotel can remain its quiet and peaceful surrounding and provide a relaxing atmosphere to their small number of guests at the same time.


Nasaraan Boutique Hotel


Some people might not expect anything much from Boutique hotel more than a place to spend the night, but the unexpected thing of the hotel is the food. Boutique hotel’s food might not be on the beautiful plate with luxury ingredients but you will have local food with seasonal ingredients. Moreover, some hotels can provide guests with a specific type of food such as healthy, veggie, vegetarian or religion conditioned food.




Your travel experiences depend on the choices you make. Try to think about how good it’s gonna be that you can enjoy your exploring time and also your rest time at the Boutique hotel. It might not have a huge room, luxury style or the most convenient location, but it will be worth a try a new experience, activity, and surrounding.


If you want to have an experience of the Boutique hotel, the fascination of the fascination of the unique vacation you shouldn’t miss, take a look at Nasaraan Boutique Hotel, Chiang Mai and give us a chance to amaze your experience 😀


MAP Nasaraan
Nasaraan map

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