Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai.

The first thing that everyone thinks about summer in Thailand could be Songkran festival. Every summer in middle of April, tourists and Thai people are also waiting for 13th April because Thai people nationwide are splashing water to each other. This festival continues for 3 day until 15 April. Around tourist attraction, they will start about late morning till midnight. It is super fun and great way to cooling down.
Most of Thai people who living away from hometown will return home to spend a time with their family. Lanna buddhists will do religious activities like sprinkle herb scented water  onto Buddha image, pay respect to Buddha, Tradition of carrying sand into the temple and etc. They have a lot of thing to do that almost for fortune in Thai New Year.

And besides, Lanna people will give goods and  pouring mixed turmeric and acacia concinna water (Only in Lanna) on the senior palms to ask for forgiveness, respect and get luck.Songkarn_LongChiangmai always be one of the most popular Songkran destination for tourist. Around Chiangmai’s moat are filling up with crowd people and vehicle who come to join this festival. There are many type of stuff like plastic bowl, water pistol and bucket to use in this festival. The stores around moat also have their own activities for free.

Nasaraan is nearby the meeting point of popular buddha images parades from other districts. They will move from train station to Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan. Each district will create their show, traditional dance, traditional music and etc.
Songkarn_Map.jpg(Red zone: Bad traffic and crowded but great fun in Songkran festival.
Yellow line: Buddha images parades move on this way.)

In those day, you will spend more than an hour to Tha Phae Gate or get out from there by car so we would like to recommend you the best way is walking. You will spend just only 35 mins (3km.). Don’t worry on the way have a lot of fellows going and crowd of people. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
1. For newbie motorcycle ridder, we don’t suggest to riding to the red zone because there are very slippy and people also walking on the road too. 🛵💦
2. Don’t forget to put on your sun screen. ☀️
3. Don’t drink too much. 🍺
The last thing is come to stay with us, full filled your water pistol and have fun!!!

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