Fluffy pink at KhunChangKhian, Chiang Mai

I heard about Khun-Chang-Khian from many friends who came from another province, how beautiful it is. It is far from Nasaraan just about 2 hrs but i always evade it and go to somewhere far away from home therefore yesterday I went there.

My friends and I left Kruba Srivichai Monument around 7:20 and stop from shooting Chiang Mai’s city view and waited  for my friends to enjoy their breakfast, which is roasted pork with sticky rice for few minutes. We decided to park our motorcycle at Bhuping Palace’s parking area because we smelled something burn.

(For tourist, I am not suggest you to drive a car to there because the road is quite bad and it change from two lanes to one lane however you can take a public carrier from Kruba Srivichai Monument, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep or Doi Pui)

Finally, We arrived Khun-chang-khian at 9:20. The weather was so goooood.(14-20c)
It is really beautiful, not just only destination, the scenery along the way are really beautiful too. I really want to stop and shooting but I did not want to disturb traffic even if not really bad traffic in the morning so I will stop at sideways where are widely enough for another car pass-by.

We spent few hours there with shooting around, have a lunch, get some fresh strawberry to family. The avocado look so good too. My friend need some coffee at Doi Pui and I need some more food. I always eat this Khaosoi at this shop.

We had 2 hours to kill before dinner time. We walked around the Bhuping palace and had a chitchat. It had a great time together, enjoy food and coffee in such a beautiful place.

Don’t believe me, come and see it with your own eyes. More than the beautiful destination, it is a memorable with people you love.
(Thank you sis for my extra day-off.)

Aiem (Nasaraan’s team)

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