Remembrance of memories

“Bright shines the moon above. I’m in love, forlorn and lonely.” (Magic Beams (แสงเดือน): His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej)

I remember that when I was a kid, I always heard a melodic song in school in the morning before getting into the line for the national anthem. For the romantic feeling of girls’ school, usually there was music playing in the background, including festival music, Christian music that I sang in the church, and King’s composition was one of them that usually played.


Today I hear “Magic Beams”, one of the King’s compositions at least 3 times. At first, I just heard them, but after that I listening the song repeatedly. I love this song, with Thai and English versions, various singers had performed, various arrangements, all are great.

I close my eyes, carefully listen every word. I miss him. His works come to my mind. His image of playing music on various media when I was a kid still touching my heart.

The whole world knows that he is excellent in composing and playing music. I believe that his music always memorable in every Thai people. Now I believe every word my teacher said to me when I was a kid that other than his work for happiness of his people, he never neglect his passion to music, worthy of the title “King of Music”



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