Let’s go with Chiangmai Bus.


One day trip by Chiang Mai Bus #B1Line

We’re walking few minutes from Nasaraan to Train station bus stop, but you can start from somewhere else.

15 Baht fare for both B1 and B2 line, start from Chaing Mai Arcade Bus Station at 6:30 and last bus will leave from the Arcade at 18:00. Bus will leave every 30 minutes on Monday-Friday and every 1 hour on Saturday-Sunday. (route changes on Sunday because of Sunday Walking Street)


Here we go!

Have a chill time on Sunday. Taking a bus to Khruba Siwichai Statue and end the day with some ice cream.

Checking for the bus with CMTRANSIT application, if it leaves Arcade Station, then let’s walk to the bus stop.

The bus will drive to the old city, on the same road that they set up Sunday Walking Street.

The bus takes about 40 minutes from train station bus stop to Khruba Siwichai Statue depending on the traffic. There are also Huay Kaew Waterfall and Chiang Mai Zoo nearby.

If you come early, you can take a red taxi to Doi Suthep Temple (about 50 Baht/person, maybe 40 Baht/person if you come in group) or rent a round-trip red taxi to  Doi Suthep Temple, Phu Ping Palace, Doi Pui (there are red taxi available to Phu Ping Palace and Doi Pui at Doi Suthep Temple if you change your mind).

We just want to chill, so we pay a respect to Khruba Siwichai, then walk down the hill and have some ice cream (mostly there are dairy product at the shop but there are also other snacks to buy too).

Tips: When you see a bus passing by the zoo, walk to the bus stop next to the shop now to get in the bus in a few minutes.

On your way back, you can visit Wat Phra Singha, Sunday Walking Street, or grab something to eat at Warorot Market, then walk a few minutes to Night Bazaar or walk along the Ping river for a nice view.

If you’re tired and want to head back to the hotel, just take a bus back and ask the driver to stop at Thunghotel Road in front of Rodfai Park (or if they can’t park there, that’s fine, don’t be mad at the driver, just get off at Royal Irrigation Department office stop and walk a few minutes to the hotel).

25600827-Screen Shot 2560-08-27 at 6.58.01 PM
Credit: http://www.chiangmaibus.org


1. Timetable at the stop are unreliable, juse download CMTRANSIT application on you phone and check for the arrival time.

2. Buses do not stop every stop (if no one is at the stop, they will just passing by), make yourself known to the driver, standing, stare the driver in the eye, or maybe waving should do the trick.

3. Tell the ticket boy where would like to get off, they will stop at the nearest stop.


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