Nasaraan is a local family-run small hotel near the train station in Chiang Mai with 14 rooms. It may not look exactly like an ordinary hotel, it looks like a home more than a hotel.

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You can lie down on a couch reading your favorite book all day, sit around with a nice cup of tea in the garden. If you have no plans to go anywhere else, you can join our workshop for an activity in the afternoon, whether it’s a cooking class, or craft something with your hands. You can go to the park across our hotel in the morning or evening for an exercise too.

👭 We are sisters and owner 👭
(Our family seniors want us to stay together. It’s Chinese family style.)
1st “OM”    |    2nd “EW”    |   3rd “IM”    |    4th “Aiem” 

IG:  |  IG: suphansa26  |  IG: aperfectdaughter  |  IG: aiem___meia
(None of us are professional, we promise to take care of you like our family and friend.)

“More than a relaxing trip, we want to offer real local experiences to you and hope to make your trip a memorable one.”

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